How Not To Clip A Bird
By Aussie Bird Keeping - Meg
Why anyone would clip a bird in such a way is beyond comprehension. It will quiet literally take years for Polly to become flighted again. Why?...all because someone got snip happy with the scissors !

What is baffling to us is that Polly is/was obviously someone's pet. She is sweet by nature...In fact, one of the sweetest and most trusting Galah's I have known. Who would do this to a bird that they 'loved' ? Was Polly raised in a loving home and then sold, and the new people did this ? We don't know, nor will we ever.

In the 6 weeks there have been no inquiries at local pet stores, or at vets......and no advertisements placed in the area she was found. How she came to be where she was and why she was butchered so she could not fly at all remains a mystery. I for one, am thankful that she did not fall prey to any predators and she is now in a loving home where she will remain.

Please, please never clip or allow anyone else to clip a birds wings like this. It is cruel, dangerous and definitely unnecessary.
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